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Automatic pocket setter with folding group for shirt

The automatic unit JT863P is an automatic programmable area machine for the application of patch pockets on shirt, knitting and similar, with the automatic folding group and stacker.
It is equipped with a lock stitch hook and thread trimmer.

The machine is available in two versions:
• Without walking foot, to execute only single row stitching
• With walking foot, to execute both single and double row stitching

Thanks to the cold folding system and to the central stitching clamp (fixed for the version without walking foot and retractable for the one with walking foot) a constant high quality and productivity is guaranteed.

The efficient cycle of seam (understood as sequence of the operations and speed of seam) it allows to reach a production of 2500 single row pockets in 8 hours.

The pocket jig can easily replaced in 2, 3 minutes.
The touch screen allows the immediate adjustment of the stitching program on board.
The machine could be also used for decorating stitching operations.

Industry 4.0

The machine can be easily set for Industry 4.0 connection with TCP / IP protocol just requiring the installation of an optional electronic board

Optional devices

The machine could be equipped with the following optional devices:
5-MOVEMENTS FOLDING GROUP: Device that allows to have a 5-movements folding group that gives the possibility to sew non-standard pockets, such as the square pocket or with rounded corners, with excellent quality.
LASER MARKER LIGHTS: Laser lights to indicate the correct positioning of the pockets.

Sewing head
Lock stitch
Control unit
5.7″ touch screen
Feeding system
Synchronized intermittent feed
Sewing area
X = 220 mm – Y = 235 mm
Folding area
X = 220 mm – Y = 220 mm
Sewing speed
3500 rpm
Stitch lenght
0.05 – 12.70 mm
Average production
2500 pockets in 8h
Power source
220 Vac – 50/60 Hz
Electric consumption Max 1.2 kW
Air source 6 bar
Air consumption Max 1.8 l/cycle
Dimension and weight
200x210x150(H) cm – 550Kg
Machine documentation
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