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Automatic belt loop setter

The JT801P sewing unit is an automatic machine for loop setting.

The machine is equipped with:
JAM INTERNATIONAL double needle bar sewing head with servo direct motor, double capacity hook and thread trimmer
• X-Y axes movement driven by stepper motors
• Loop catcher clamp and loader device driven by brushless motors
• Electronic self-learning system managed through the touch screen for detecting the junction or the lack of the loop

The intuitive color touch screen panel allows, moreover, to:
• Choose from 3 preset standard bartack shapes (“X”, “O” and “double” shape);
• Program new bartacks starting from the standard ones and customizing the size and number of stitches;
• Set the start of the bartack (left, center, right);
• Choose the number of straight lines under the bartack (1, 2 or 3) and the corresponding stitch length;
• Make (on request) customized bartacks, different from the standard ones.

Possibility, through simple mechanical adjustments and settings via touch screen, to set:
• Length and width of the loop;
• Type of loop (“traditional”, “sportware” or “classic”);
• Type of loop cut (“straight” or “V”)

Industry 4.0

The machine can be easily set for Industry 4.0 connection with TCP / IP protocol just requiring the installation of an optional electronic board.

Sewing head
JAM direct drive
Control unit
5.7″ touch screen
Feeding system
Synchronized intermittent feed
Sewing area
X = 34 mm – Y = 24 mm
Folding area
X = 220 mm – Y = 220 mm
Sewing speed
2700 rpm
Stitch lenght
0.05 – 12.70 mm
Average production
1000 belt loop/h
Power source
220 Vac – 50/60 Hz
Electric consumption Max 1.3 kW
Air source 6 bar
Air consumption Max 1.5 l/cycle
Dimension and weight
112x88x187(H) cm – 249 kg
Machine documentation
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