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Automatic pocket setter with two simulteaneous and indipendent sewing Heads in electric axis and folding group

The automatic unit JT882H is a programmable area pocket setter on jeans and similar, with a folding unit and an automatic stacker.

The machine is equipped with:
Two JAM INTERNATIONAL lockstitch sewing heads with direct motors, large capacity rotary hook and thread trimmer which, thanks to the electric axis, allow to process the pieces wider than average.
• Thread tension electronically controlled and settable through the touch screen with possibility to program different tensions within the pocket sewing cycle.
• Thread extension / thread lock device wich allows to set through the touch screen the length of the residual thread after the thread trimmer and to obtain maximum quality at the next seam beginning.
• Cold folding system wich guarantees high quality production standards even on the most difficult fabrics such as stretch, super stretch and knitwear.
• Pneumatic release wich allows changing the pocket jig in a few seconds.

Thanks to a flexible system produced by JAM, the customer has the possibility to create the templates independently in a simple way and by the use of common tools.

The intuitive 10″ touch screen user interface allows:
creation of sewing programs simply by inserting the pocket dimensions or by importing DXF files containing the pocket profile;
• importing of sewing programs through USB port;
• editing of any kind on existing programs;
• failure self-diagnostic system;
• troubleshooting and software updates via remote ;
• production statistics visualization (which can also be consulted remotely).

Other machine uses

The machine can also be used for:
• ornamental stitching, double color stitching and stitching out of the pocket shape;
• application of small pockets / coin pockets on pocket facing;
• application of pre-ironed pockets in semi-automatic mode;
• application of pockets on very small pieces using a special optional stacker;
• work on extra long items such as large smock and scrub suit thanks to the space available behind the sewing heads.

Optional devices

5-MOVEMENTS FOLDING GROUP. Device that allows to have a 5-movements folding group that gives the possibility to sew non-standard pockets, such as the square pocket or with rounded corners, with excellent quality.
PANEL FULLNESS. Device to adjust panel fullness in the correspondence of the top of the pocket.
BARTACK RENFORCE. Device for applying reinforcement fabric inside the trousers in correspondence of the bartack.
LABEL APPLICATION. Patented device for label application on the pocket.
LASER MARKER LIGHTS. Laser lights to indicate the correct positioning of the pockets.

Sewing head
Lock stitch
Control unit
10″ touch screen
Feeding system
Synchronized intermittent feed
Sewing area
X = 220 mm – Y = 235 mm
Folding area
X = 220 mm – Y = 220 mm
Sewing speed
3500 rpm
Stitch lenght
0.05 – 12.70 mm
Average production
3000 pockets in 8h
Power source
220 Vac – 50/60 Hz
Electric consumption Max 2.5 kW
Air source 6 bar
Air consumption Max 3.6 l/cycle
Dimension and weight
350x200x180(H) cm – 850Kg
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